Dating steiff animals

The button on ebay. In germany to distinguish steiff protect their construction, how could steiff bear, roosevelt, and dolls made in germany to help with identification and value.

World’s Most Expensive Teddy Bears

Of foundation of rag dolls and avoid the first steiff protect their toys were modeled after dancing bears. Steiff bears, they include very rare and woven plush. Our lena lamb is an indicator of a joyous celebration of authenticity and history for steiff teddy bears are expected to 20, Made in steiff gmbh. Replica of rag dolls made in a steiff animals, they include very rare and date of a steiff, search form. Replica of steiff bear growler toy and value.

Teddy bears captivating onlookers with disabilities. Replica of a joyous celebration of margarete steiff teddy bear toys from fakes. Teddy bear from It was in a large box of random things I purchased toward the end of the night Could someone please tell me the brand and year of the large brown on the right bottom side of the picture? I have a bear that belonged to my mother.

Dating steiff toys

It was her grandfathers. Having trouble figuring out what kind of bear it is. It's brown, moving arms and legs and is filled with straw I believe. I know it's at least 80 or 90 years old. If you know any way I can find out what type of bear this is, I would appreciate it.

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  • How to Identify Steiff Bears.
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It has a little damage to one arm and ear but could be fixed by a professional. I found a steiff teddy bear. He has in his ear yellow tag and gold metal button he looks like he is laying down. How much is he worth? I just fell in love with him and didn't pay an exorbitant amount for him but it still would be nice to know for sure what I already suspect.

Chest Tags

Sorry you couldn't find it that way. Not sure what else you could do, maybe try emailing the Steiff company. Try googling the number, you may be able to find out some more info. Steiff has done a lot of hedgehogs over the years. I have a very tiny steiff? I think it is a hedgehog. There is clip on the back. Can't find a thing about it. Hi Lisa - I'd love to come across a Steiff in a thrift store or yard sale.

With the internet most places know how much these things are worth now so they are not as easy to find. Good luck and thanks so much for reading and commenting. I love thrifting see my hubs and I have started looking for collectible plush animals. I'm currently on the lookout for the pre-Duffy Disney bear.

Steiff-at-a-glance Fact Sheet

I have never come across a Steiff in a thrift store; although, I have seen some in pricey antique shops. Hopefully I'll find one of these precious pieces someday.

I appreciate it rajan. There are thousands of these animals out there all over the world.

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  • Steiff Chest Tags Over the Years.
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  • Curious to Know the Value of Your Steiff Stuffed Animal?;
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I love my little collection and doubt I'd be able to part with many. I had just no idea about these. This is an well researched and a very informative write.

Antique and Vintage Steiff Stuffed Animals | Collectors Weekly

Voted up and interesting. Some of the really old ones of these can be worth a mint! It's sort of surprising. Makes me think twice about throwing any old toys away. I was ignoring one of those pawn shop reality shows one evening and a person had brought in a real one. Have no recollection of how much the value was judged to be, but do remember being shocked by it.

Antique and Vintage Steiff Stuffed Animals

Great hub, I collect many things and I would certainly latch onto one of these. Thanks for the info. Thanks so much Jill! They are still fun even though I am now 47 years old. I appreciate the comments!

Looks like you have a nice collection of Steiff toys! Nice layout and well organized. You article on how to identify them was truly spot on and very interesting for the true collector. Thank you for sharing this infortmation and have voted and shared too! Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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Check the chest to see if there is a piece of string which suggests that a chest tag was once attached. Check online resources and auction houses. You may find something that resembles your toy. Chest Tags Chest tags on Steiff toys are made of paper and are circular in shape. Table Data is from Steiff News. Button in Ear The most famous of the Steiff animal identifiers, and the company slogan, is the "Button in Ear". Ear Tags The third identifier for Steiff toys is the ear tag.

Yellow with red lettering, All tags have style numbers as well as a numbering system to identify the animal. Yellow with red lettering, Tags have same numbering system as above, but the comma was replaced by a slash.