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Nobody believes the sightings until a large number of people are killed, and the police eventually embark on a search-and-destroy mission to put a stop to the alligator's murderous rampage. They track it down to a lake and a police helicopter attempts to blow the alligator up, but to no avail. Afterwards, two officers enter a marsh area where the alligator had escaped to.

One of the officers uses a rocket launcher and ends the alligator's reign of terror. This is a compilation of the characters found in the TV series Baywatch and Baywatch: Baywatch —; — Mitch Buchannon David Hasselhoff ; seasons 1—9 - in the Baywatch feature film, he is played by Dwayne Johnson. Craig Pomeroy Parker Stevenson ; season 1, recurring seasons 8—9 ; a lifeguard who had a part-time job as a lawyer. Jill Riley Shawn Weatherly ; season 1 ; was the most experienced female lifeguard on the service, she trained Shauni McClain on how to become a better lifeguard and was respected by all of her friends at Baywatch.

She died from blood embolism caused by a shark attack. Eddie Kramer Billy Warlock ; seasons 1—3 ; Eddie began life on Baywatch as a teenager with a complicated background. Being an orphan, he learned from a very early age to defend himself — a theory that got him into trouble quite a few times while in his first year on Baywatch. He likes to keep himself fit and likes to box. This helps him in some situations. Eddie is homeless d After Robert nixes the idea of her traveling to downtown Chicago to try out, Janey accompanies Lynne to the auditions anyway. At the auditions, an enemy is made of spoiled rich girl Natalie Sands when she rudely parks her car where Lynne is walking.

The auditions are going well until Lynne's partner gets her cut it is later found out that Natalie paid him to have her The following is an alphabetical list of characters and their performers from the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives, sorted by character surname.

Merlin is an American sitcom that ran for one season, from to , about Merlin the wizard played by Barnard Hughes , who is immortal, living in modern-day San Francisco, and disguised as Max Merlin, a mechanic. Premise Merlin hires Zachary Rogers Clark Brandon to work in his garage, and when Zac pulls a crowbar out of a bucket of cement, the crowbar is revealed to be Arthur's sword Excalibur and Merlin must reveal himself to Zac and make him an apprentice.

Leo Samuels Jonathan Prince is Zac's best friend, who naturally has no idea his best buddy is a "wizard in training". Elaine Joyce is Alexandria "Alex" , Max's equally magical liaison with an unseen "council" who insisted Merlin take on an apprentice or lose both his powers and immortality. The episode was written by Michael Crichton, adapted from a screenplay he originally wrote in , and directed by Rod Holcomb. The episode attracted It is very heavily based on a screenplay he wrote in , based on his own experience as a medical student in an emergency room. Later, in , he began a partnership with director Steven Spielberg.

They collaborated on the film adaptation of Crichton's novel, Jurassic Park.

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However, they decided to create a television pilot rather than a feature film. The first game set after the end of the Terran-Kilrathi War, Wing Commander IV depicts a galaxy in the midst of a chaotic transition, with human civilians, Kilrathi survivors and former soldiers on both sides attempting to restabilize their lives. A novelization, by William R. Forstchen and Ben Ohlander, was published on October 1, Gameplay The game includes a large number of branching conversations in which the players must choose what response their character, Christopher Blair, will give; the choice may affect the other person's attitude toward Blair, the morale of the entire crew, the player's next assignment and even the game's ending.

As the man giving the or Former cast member Rachel Ames was previously the series' longest-running cast member, portraying Audrey Hardy from to , and making guest appearances in and , the latter for the series' fiftieth anniversary. Previous cast members Actor Character Duration R. The primary focus of the series is on the relationship of three brothers, played by real-life brothers Joey Lawrence, Matthew Lawrence, and Andrew Lawrence. He is a half-brother to Matt and Andy. Claire is his stepmother. He is vain, cocky and arrogant at times, and thinks highly of himself, though he is a good person at heart.

He is constantly fighting for the affection of Lou Davis. His brothers really look up to him as a role model and as a father-figure. He was born on November 10, as revealed in the episode "Once Around The The two friends struggle with adult career and relationship problems, all the while defiantly clinging to the geeky science fiction pop culture of their youth and seeking advice from their greatest hero, William Shatner. Shatner plays a campy caricature of himself as he works on a one-man musical version of Julius Caesar in hopes of finally being taken seriously as a dramatist and musical performer.

Hip-hop artist "The Rated R", joined by Shatner, provides the concluding musical number "No Tears for Caesar", a pastiche of famous lines from the play set to a rap rhythm. The film's score was produced by Scott Spock. The team tries to diagnose a teenage girl while House is away at a medical conference with Wilson and Cuddy. At the conference House finds something out about Cuddy.

Plot After a wild night out, a teenage girl named Jordan Anna Attanasio is brought to Princeton Plainsboro with severely swollen appendages. The team must work to diagnose Jordan, who is less than honest about what happened the night she fell ill. House suspects she is suffering from rhabdo and the fall caused crushed muscles which released toxins that caused swollen joints. But the CT shows no signs of trauma, so House goes in and gets Jordan to pretend to play the drums. Her hands are very weak. House notes that her chart shows low potassium, and rhabdo elevates potassium levels, meaning her potassium had to be extremely low the previous night.

This means she can't have climbed stairs, meaning there was no fall. A list of notable characters from the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives that significantly impacted storylines and debuted between January 1, , and the end of , in order of first appearance. Marlena and Don meet and fall in love in , and they marry on March 5, DJ's birth is portrayed onscreen in the episode of February 26, , Donnie is premature, and dies three months later from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

The couple separate when they cannot come to terms with their baby's death. She noted the value of soaps relaying issues and situations that occur in real-life and helping spreading awareness to audiences, but also said the storyline "may have been far too sensitive to bring up in the first place — leaving many fans devastated and heartbroken over the baby and e This is a list of guest stars on the American television series Fantasy Island.

This listing is alphabetical by last name. Armstrong Desi Arnaz Jr. Mazzucco is also the editor of luogocomune. Filmography Feature films Summertime - Winner: Pasinetti Prize for Best Actor W. Chiari Venice Film Festival London Film Festival Final selection, Hollywood Film Festival This is a list of episodes for the TV series Renegade.

But the man responsible for Reno's framing, Dutch Dixon, hires bounty hunter Bobby Sixkiller and his stepsister Cheyenne to bring him in. Below is a list of all the episodes from Baywatch — He and his former wife Gayle have an argument over her desir This is a list of animated television series, made-for-television films, direct-to-video films, theatrical short subjects, and feature films produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions also known as H-B Enterprises, H-B Production Company, and Hanna-Barbera Cartoons.

Note that some shows or new spin-offs of shows may be listed twice.

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Hanna-Barbera won eight Emmy Awards. Animation absorbed Hanna-Barbera in The show was created and executive produced by Robert Griffard and Howard Adler, and developed and executive produced by Thomas L. Miller and Robert L. Premise Original premise Going Places has been described by media researchers Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh as American television's ultimate expression of navel-gazing, as it was a program written by young television comedy writers about the lives of young television comedy writers.

It notably grouped four young stars, known for recent breakout roles in movies and television during the late s, together as the leads: Most episodes were dramatically presented situations, often controversial, of interest to children and teenagers. Topics included illiteracy, substance abuse and teenage pregnancy. The series won 51 Daytime Emmy Awards during its year run.

A boxed set, in the shape of a school bus, was also released containing all of the DVD releases, with a detailed information booklet of all the specials on the set and including an extra DVD of two specials that had previously not been released on DVD.

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The DVDs are currently out of print. List of specials Season One — This is a list of episodes for the —84 television series Fantasy Island. This series consists of two 2-hour TV-movies and seven seasons of 1-hour episodes. The hour episodes have multiple titles, referencing the simultaneous storylines contained within. Roarke and his assistant Tattoo greet a former reporter in Keeps all of Heather's secrets when Heather is escaping the sanitarium to kill Diana Taylor.

Heather's gun is secretly hidden in a doll, kept closely in Sarah's hands.

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Sarah is convinced that she drowned her sister, a fact found to not be true. She falls in love with Joe Kelly who was investigating the murder.

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Used by Heather during her stay at Forest Hill, Sarah eventually wised up to her after recovering and left town after telling her that she was onto her. Benny Abrahms deceased Richard Fancy, — Corinthos and Morgan's original financier, identical twin brother of Bernie. Dies after suffering a heart attack.